About US


We are one of the leading retailers and replacement firms for portable electronic accessories. To help keep your devices running non-stop, we offer all the durable and quality batteries for most popular electronics brands.

Through our extensive dealer network, Battery Dog can provide you with leading battery brands and replacement service for your Power tools, Mobile phones, Laptops, Barcode Scanners, Two Way Radios and Vacuum Cleaners. All of our batteries meet or exceed the buyers’ expectation at very competitive prices. Besides our excellent collection and quality, you can depend on Battery Dog for outstanding customer service.

At Battery Dog, we are driven by our unique combination of proven experience, qualitative integrity and commitment to meeting the battery needs of our clients. The increasing demand for rechargeable replacement batteries, combined with our reputation for solving battery problems and our team of highly experienced professionals and battery experts, has helped us always to deliver a superior,”WOW” customer experience.



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